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New start

October 12, 2016
In my about-to-begin guise as an Education Officer the job interview involved:
  • a panel of three assessing my skills and experiences for half an hour;
  • fifteen minutes spent preparing answers to four questions; and
  • learning that I was the recommended applicant while in Melbourne on long service leave;

I am mindful of being in the grey zone, a liminal space of how an admin assistant dubbed me in proper noun significance – The New Start.


This is a transition tale.
So, here I am still on long service leave. Our holiday treks were booked last January. Transition was not part of the plan.
But now it is the day after sorting my desk and tidying my classroom. I have moved sideways out of a teaching context and have projected into a support role. My husband believed one box would be returning from school with me. Sorting took three hours.
Who would have thought so much stuff could accrue?
Speaking sticks used for Tribes collaborative activities, castanets, reading resources, folders and files, sunflowers, juggling balls and hacky sacks, plastic letter magnets stored inside a Chupa Chups tin, essential oils, CDs, packets of tea and a pen caddy my husband made from Eucalyptus wandoo.
I will need to clear space in the shed.
This paraphernalia I carted from school to school around the state as I shifted locations. Each pit stop, from this perspective, a new start.
Perhaps this is the critical insight: I may have learned a better way of seeing and being from now on. Each moment + each exchange = potentiality.
Currently, as teachers in Western Australia gear up for term 4, I am left feeling something of a truant.
Displacement, no doubt, will resolve into a sense of engagement once my new role takes off.
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  1. Stephen Johnson permalink
    October 13, 2016 8:32 pm

    Warmth and sunshine to you on this adventure.

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