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March 26, 2016

9 am on a Saturday morning of a long Easter weekend break.

It is raining. Summer’s pause.

Here I am in my study.


Bread in common window detail.jpg

The week that was:

  • Walkthroughs share our team practices
  • Year 12 General English multimodal tasks collected for marking (controvery surrounding the term’s definition explored here)
  • Television genre analyses returned to Year 11s; cover page and planning/review prompts here
  • Sustained feedforward recommending Adobe Slate, Wix and to students reluctant to move away from [death by] PowerPoint
  • Began our annual cycle of Performance & Development conversations with reflection
  • Mum’s happy unbirthday meal last night (the day before turning 70!)
  • FaceTime debrief with Daughter 1 regarding her relief work experiences in primary schools
  • Daughter 2 performing another of her stand-up comedy routines – Wednesday evening pertained to sugar addiction
  • Finally, the accompanying sofa-side text for contemplation

Black Sun.jpg

Happy Easter!

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