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Resonance in refrains

January 23, 2016

As a motif, I am drawn to circles.

There seems to be resonance in refrains where patterns – a melody, or chorus – assist in mapping practice through repetition towards shift. In cycles, renewal is implicit.

Hope and possibility prevail.


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Rather than a machine or linear model of change dynamics, system theorists propose that

growth is found in disequilibrium, not in balance. As leaders in educational transformation, our role is not to control but to enable order to emerge naturally… (Pace Marshall cited in Beatty, 2000, p. 77).

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

(Beatty, 2000, p. 76).

This notion of convergence arises from an epicentre of individual agency and cannot be imposed or bestowed. Setting aside an interventionist approach, opportunities for promoting growth with others exist in the everyday contexts we inhabit.

Sand ocean.jpg

Summer holiday reading I have been exploring suggests that inquiry frameworks will enable

schools to implement the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework in ways that are truly generative and formative for teachers, but such an approach will demand a critical orientation on the part of those responsible for overseeing and designing local appraisal processes; a commitment to teacher
agency, formation and renewal as the key purposes behind the process; and a corresponding desire to separate processes of appraisal of practice from those of performance management (Mockler, 2015, p. 128-9).

art gallery pattern.jpg

What does this look like in action?

Welcome to the 2016 school year… As with any cycle, potential exists for reinvention! Here is a model for steering the inquiry process:

Screenshot (32).png

(Mockler, 2015, p. 119).

Selected references

Beatty, B.R. (2000). Teachers leading their own professional growth: Self-directed reflection and collaboration and changes in perception of self and work in secondary school teachers. Journal of In-Service Education 26(1), 73-97. Retrieved January 22, 2016

Mockler, N. (2015). From surveillance to formation? A generative approach to teacher ‘performance and development’ in Australian schools. Australian Journal of Teacher Education 40(9), 117-131. Retrieved January 22, 2016

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