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Setting scenes

January 2, 2016

This story begins with a quote taken from the flyleaf of last year’s diary…


Clearing space in my study, and switching diaries, yields reminders and prompts from reading and previous reflective directions.

At this stage of the year, with colleagues posting adventure tales of swimming and boating in New Zealand or relaxing on sunny verandahs and beaches in Kalbarri/ Noosa/ Dunsbororough/ the Gold Coast/ Perth, perspective seems readily granted.

Distance is assured: emotions have cooled.

Here is my own recently updated cover photo from Bathers Beach in Fremantle where I sat cloudspotting last Thursday with eldest daughter:

Bathers beach huts

With picnic plans on Monday’s horizon, along with a flight to Melbourne booked for the following week, I am mindful that the privileged space I currently inhabit is time-bound and precious.

Pace and self-management become critical once we begin the new school term.

So, I eschew long lists, soul-searching, and complex recommendations. For our team focus in 2016, goals are streamlined:


Similarly, my own refined design story has been released from within solid forms I can trace through notes, thought-loops, images, quotes, pinup boards and blog posts:


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