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Integrating Pedagogy & Technology #EDUC5608

October 4, 2015
The only real downside of completing a formal course of study is that when you leave the nurtured comfort of group discussion and workshops, the next stage requires resolved determination to begin.
How I would love to dwell eternally in the workshop zone where play and a-ha moments fan flames of possibility.
I’ve chosen to include a clip which best captures my overwhelming sense of jumpiness in this moment of contemplation.
Now alone, with only a screen-face to synthesise understanding and shape a product – in this case, an e-learning resource and its complementary written paper, I feel uncertain… pausing may allow anticipation to build but, deadlines aside, term 4 workloads can be substantial.
This screenshot captures the web design process I have started using Weebly:
Screenshot (5)
My initial idea that focus on professional learning would help the design process is faltering with the inner critic asking why?
Arriving/ beginning feel oddly awkward in this context: Here is the point where possibility becomes refined by a series of narrowing, momentous choices.
For starters, I will waylay the inevitable task deadline (November 13) by referring to visual markers produced over the 4 days spent at uni:
  1. Place -> social/collaborative space
    Collaborative platform
  2. The current model of education is out-dated
Jeff Jarvis quote3. Digital literacies are paramount in this rapidly changing dynamic
Howard Rheingold4. Complexity rules
David Crystal
 Yesterday was spent trying to achieve a sense of order with Storify, and the overview of connections can be accessed here:
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