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look out #schoolholidays

July 19, 2015

School holidays?

Begin here with the aid of Qantas.

Depart Perth domestic terminal. Look out on your country’s vast interior:

PlaneWindowFramed.jpgSo much space. 

Arrival in Hobart will be marked by a change in topography, light and temperature. According to your guide-on-the-side

Although a good deal milder than they had been used to back in England, Hobart’s climate was a big problem to the early settlers, huddled in tents or shanties with only the light cotton clothing they had been issued with (Timms, 2009, p. 182).


Refer to maps (this perspective for Theatre Royal where you were lucky enough to see Meow Meow).

IMG_5595Seek out sustenance:


Salamanca vegies

bookstore window

Wander streets…

Hobart housespottingAnd savour the Gothic…



Admire changing views – revel in chance discoveries:




Before returning with Virgin Australia in readiness for landmarks/ circumstances which lie ahead:


Selected reference

Timms, P. (2009). In search of Hobart. Sydney: UNSW Press.

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