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Look right!

June 6, 2015

Look right

My week that was involved look at me, Mum, no-hands, non-stop, wheelie-burnout, donut-turning, dragstrip racing mayhem.

Probably much like yours.

Sequencing creates an impression of order:

  • Moderated Years 7-12 exams
  • Drafted Semester Two Course outlines
  • Proofread reports
  • Attended Year 10 Parents’ night
  • Met with the Humanities team to reflect on exam marking
  • Phoned parents to share inspiring put-ups
  • Assessed Year 7 tour guide presentations (together we undertook virtual travelling from Paris, to Great Britain and Fremantle jail, shared Frazer’s backyard, dreamscapes, considered animation characters’ settings, fished on the Swan River and were sold an imaginary cruise by Giaan and Hannah).

Here’s our task cover page:

With their self-reflective statements due for collection next week, I’ll be ready to confirm learning successes, but early signs were positive: Comments to peers as feedback were warm, and they particularly enjoyed seeing photos of Frazer’s house, as well as listening to Tiannah’s highly expressive analysis of characterisation in her favourite TV show judging from the laughter.

No cycling 3

Rather than “No Cycling” as per the signage above, perhaps the instruction can be re-purposed as “Go Cycling!”.

Certainly felt like a speeding ride.

St Katharine's Wharf

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