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poised in landscapes

May 9, 2015
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Here is one I have been hatching: This is a narrative captured in pictures. It is a journey, a record, and reminiscence, all in one. My telling is non-linear.

The boat was adrift beside Brian and Louise’s lake where we stayed in Pipe Gate.

Boat out of Water

Waterways shed silvery skeins throughout our walk alongside the Shropshire Union canal:



The Thames glistened from Chelsea Embankment, too;

P1030977And sculptures poised in landscapes;P1030859Totemic and intriguing;


Static yet fluid;


Reminding me that my return home, and the daily pleasures of workaday life, draw on similar landscapes of

  • observation
  • codifying
  • emotional attunement
  • inspiration

So it is with Year 7s and their preparation for next week’s NAPLAN using powers of persuasion; Year 8s and their telling of origin tales designed to spellbind and dramatise; and Year 12s searching for context cues while decoding William Saroyan’s The Parsley Garden. 

Here it all is presented like a window framing grand possibility, like this one taken from my Nanna’s kitchen:

Through Nanna's Kitchen Window

Or this – in more than one way circular – as we return to a view of Pipe Gate:


Journey’s close contained within a beginning.

An end to imply that fresh opportunities lie ahead…

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