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Darwin’s seat

April 12, 2015

According to the tour guides, Charles Darwin

… didn’t get on particularly well at Shrewsbury school… He preferred to go fishing for newts in the River Severn (Shropshire Tourism, 2015, p.11).

While Darwin casts a proprietorial eye over the town from this seated landmark outside the library, foodie haunts, book shops, and architectural features sustained my interest during our visit on Friday. Natural vantage points – the wondrously named Dingle, for instance – frame medieval splendour. Church spires predominate.    Lanes wind, and buildings either sag, lean or bulge with ageing timbers. Glimpses of the moat-like River Severn which encircles Shrewsbury serve to entice on your walks, until snagging a riverside position reveals all, like this:   No newts that I could see, but we returned to base laden with cheeses, chocolate brownies, wholemeal bread and fig chutney. 

Selected reference 

Shropshire Tourism. (2015). Visit Shrewsbury 2015. Shropshire: Westdale Press Ltd.

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