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Holiday Mode

January 4, 2015


Mornings around our house are now set to holiday mode with garden maintenance following soon after breakfast. I water, sweep, mulch, and notice where the parrots are settling: First, plum trees; then grape trellis; next will be figs.

We salvaged the last bunch of Flames, but they were sticky remnants. Santa Rosa plums were similarly decimated. While I may accuse the parrots of theft, I am aware that this is a concept, my overlay. Beware the stories you tell yourself…

So, I reframe, consoling myself that we live near the Swan Valley, and there’s an abundance of commercially grown fruit which I am able to access.

Similar thinking applies to our holiday-mode beach treks.



Here, the cues involve

  • long range weatherwatching,
  • provisions,
  • packing, and
  • picnics.

We are set for another swim tomorrow.

I plan on taking my camera to capture patterns on the dunes/ water surface/ in the sky. Both these outings – and my garden wandering each day which I recast as wondering in blog posts each week – renew (for want of any better term) energy.

What am I fuelling? Me.




Like the garden I have lived with for 19 years since returning to Perth from a country-post teaching in Albany, I have learned that system maintenance is critical.


How do you sustain?

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