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Term 4 stocktake

October 19, 2014
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This time of year you see as a mixed offering: Year 12s are ready to undertake final WACE exams after a week spent reviewing recent performance in the mocks, while Year 7s evolve into adolescent secondary students; challenge of the new has been confronted and overcome at both ends of the spectrum. Lessons have been learned.

So monitoring continues….

Having finalised the draft of your latest 5000+ word paper for uni, reviewed references for punctuation transgressions, and scoured the pile of notes/ photocopies/ PDF files yet again to ensure that nothing slipped through the editing process, copies labelled FINAL now reside in Evernote as well as your black Toshiba hard drive. Just in case. 

But nothing ever seems truly complete when learning.  You wonder how to include this last-minute gem, for instance:

And you remain curious about the insights to trust unearthed here:

Isn’t this the real process of learning? Messy, fragmentary, even as form coalesces with the swell of an academic year, or a course, one single semesterised unit, an assignment deadline.

Like breathing, you suppose. Imminent expansion leads to growth – pause – lapse of momentum – then to an exhale.


Your Sunday study/ window closed to the wet and overcast outdoors is made for contemplating Year 7s and their fourth term Literature investigation along with a serendipitous addition of letter writing with penpals. Which came out ranked on top? No contest, really, but they claimed to enjoy



What they appreciated was the page layout, brevity, immediate visceral appeal of language, and opportunities to read aloud from the booklet you compiled to kickstart this topic. Which brings you back to the purpose of this blog post and the realisation kept as a memento from your own study of neoliberalism:

Schools are not businesses; they are a public good (Ravitch, 2010, p.95).

Currently appearing as graffiti art on Twitter and Instagram…

Selected references

Ravitch, D. (2010). The death and life of the great American school system. New York: Basic Books.

Wylie, S. (1982). Swan View school bus. In Monahan, S. (Ed.). Fun with poetry. Melbourne: Longman Cheshire.


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