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Cold climes, food & thinking

July 12, 2014

We departed Perth last week, seeking cooler climes on a school-holiday whim. Everyone from my interactive-whiteboard-face seemed headed towards Bali.


We are in Hobart.


How is that for a view? Mountainous backdrop becomes obscured by clouds; rainbows’ ends hover in the southern valley; and gulls arc in buoyant streams across our window panes as we cloudspot and monitor sunscapes.

Trek highlights so far:

Common thread of purposeful wandering seems to be foodie treats… Good job the hills are steep, and our 5km roundtrip walks each day have me removing woollen layers.



…so to thinking.

Heading into next semester’s study of Education Policy Trends: Local to Global, my well-mined Documents folder is stacked with PDF treasure downloaded from Course Materials Online. This extract left me wondering:



What is it about system change for improvement that yields the opposite of desired states? Grand in design, yet flawed in execution?

Barker points to the barrel, not the apples, as cause for concern. I appreciated his contextualising which draws a tangent from 1988 to link the 2008 credit crunch while leaving subsequent global fallout sharply defined. His landscape may be English, but the same “policy imperatives” here in Australia “have led to the current crisis” (Barker, 2010, p.4).

Fear not! Future freedom is outlined as a forward trajectory… A bit like tonight’s meal-in-the-making pictured here deceptively nestled within a reflective window pane:

imageWhat’s on the menu?

Root vegetable tagine (sans pot) sourced from a Salamanca organic store this morning along with bread and butter pudding now baking in a water bath. Wish us luck – the fan-forced electric oven is something of an unknown quantity.

Perhaps the full moon bodes well…


Selected reference

Barker, B. (2010). The pendulum swings: transforming school reform. Stoke on Trent: Trentham Books.

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