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Collaborative processes

July 5, 2014


Yesterday’s ritualised close to term 2 at our K-12 College emphasised rewards with Circus Skills:

2014-07-04 09.50.50

Our students learned about:

  • having a go
  • taking a turns
  • failure as an opportunity to learn
  • mathematical applications
  • scientific theory
  • suspension of disbelief
  • wonderment & awe
  • performance/ humour/ timing/ toys and history
  • interpersonal skills

The man at the drum-kit-helm of this enterprise was Joe Bolton:

photo 1

Similar, though less public, collaborative processes were also underway with small group moderation of our stage 3B English Course:

My partner in scheming – colleague A.M. at a West Australian District High School – shared feedback via email, phone, Edmodo and Evernote both in designing activities to engage our Year 12 students, and record the learning. Strategies included role play, provocative questions, psychoanalytic reading practices and visible thinking tools.

Here’s what we concocted as a final task responding to the documentary film The Queen of Versailles:

Students’ self-reflective comments posted to Kidblog were favourable:

…I found this ‘Queen of Versailles’ one of the more interesting texts Teach has made us experience and found that I have not really changed my mind on anything. I still think rich people are ‘holier than thou’ arrogant fools; I still know that absolute power corrupts absolutely and hoarders cannot let go of anything… (Fox, 2014).

…Even though Jackie was aesthetically crass, she was the most favourable and redeemable character. Jackie did love the wealth – it seemed to rule her life – but in the end, when times were ‘tough’, she didn’t change her attitude towards money or her family… (Ahern, 2014).

…My view, at the beginning of the film, was influenced by the inclusion of specific voiceover comments such as “…guess what that is?…that’s my wardrobe”, which encouraged me to assume that Jackie was a self-centred person… (Fiske, 2014).

Our conversation around how these posts were received was also illuminating: A.M. claimed her students were intrigued by personal voice. Should make for interesting times next term when we all meet to share a meal in Northbridge before viewing the dramatised version of Jasper Jones at the resplendent State Theatre…

State Theatre from the Horseshoe Bridge.

State Theatre from the Horseshoe Bridge.

Interior State Theatre.

Interior State Theatre.


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