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April 17, 2014

Since leaving Perth on April 5, we have noticed how different choices and disrupted patterns can yield a sense of liberation.

imageFor starters, the ties that bind have been cut, and there’s no imperative to keep to deadlines. Skype has overcome any sense of being distant or absent; we can still keep in touch with both daughters.  Train schedules during the first week set a constraint to our wandering around London in search of cafes…


… but this helped sharpen the focus. French patisserie near the Victoria and Albert museum? No trouble locating Cafe Montparnasse at 22 Thackeray Street in Kensington. Best chocolat chaud and pain au raisins. Also an opportunity to practice speaking French (feels like a forced mechanical process of cueing body language, cadence and verb/ noun sequencing).

Victoria & Albert Museum

London’s treasures, street scenes, traffic and pace left me feeling both electrified and a little overwhelmed. I realised the flood of stimulating data I was processing needed to be managed.


In Shropshire, context seemed more familiar – seasonal changes are slow to mark hedgerows – but towns and villages had shapeshifted, traffic on arterial roads proved merciless, Daughter 1 joined us to visit family, and the proprietor of our hotel was in the midst of a crisis.

Emotionally difficult taking leave, but a train booking curtailed this stay.


Now the reverse spooling journey was known. Shrewsbury to Birmingham (skirting Wolverhampton and my dad’s birthplace, Coventry), mainlining Euston station where we followed signs to St Pancras International to join the queue for a 14.01 departure to Gare du Nord on the Eurostar. Dissonance yet again; senses alert to whatever is new and different.


Danger de Mort may lurk alongside the train line, shadow and end bracket our life journeys, but this sign is also a reminder of what lies behind the curtain. Ecouter…




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  1. loremipsem permalink
    April 17, 2014 2:16 pm

    Enjoy your wonderful trip!

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