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The week that was

March 29, 2014

The week that was showcased some Year 8 English students investigating Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s biography, while my class (on a tangent) finalised presentations in our debate series:

  • Goldilocks is evil
  • Perth is a great place to leave
  • Recess should be longer
  • Brains are better than beauty (old, I know, but worth airing)
  • Homework is beneficial
  • Save the planet
  • Elderly people should not be allowed to drive
  • Zoos are good for the preservation of animals

To be revisited in term two.

Year 10s with a semester scope on Truth & Fiction were watching this documentary:

Analytical focus centred around Symbolic, Written, Audio and Technical (SWAT) codes; no-one was distracted from viewing when I undertook Wednesday’s walkthrough  and discovered the visiting ECU student teachers huddling at the rear of Sophia’s room.



Year 7 English students undertook the comic code challenge (how to spell onomatopoeia for starters), with Mexican waves to capture sample sound fx, hero questing and villainous recipes. Surprisingly, this Wonder Woman excerpt proved popular:

Jorden claimed to be wed to the hero. Everyone loved the invisible jet; we also made links to other superheroes and their superpowers, gadgets, nemeses and sidekicks.

Back to the collage, Year 9 S&E mapped the ANZAC legend while Career & Enterprise students delivered stunning brochures. Around our campus, critical thinking, persuasive arts and experimentation rule. Thursday’s Humanities team meeting explored inspiring moments in response to these walkthrough images. We engaged in collaborative learning as a practice. And, every day this week, before an audience of student teachers.

This is our culture: From planning, refinement, differentiation, observation, discussion, moderation, coaching, review, heightened, multifaceted awareness emerges; exam results next term will also be revealing – have we been effective?

And so it goes….

Trippin 300ppi

CC Image Source

Which brings me to my reflection. Our principal requested leaders to submit homework last Monday: If I was the school’s principal, what would I focus on? Made me think.

Here is what I emailed in response:

Build collaborative relationships and structures for change.

I could also have added:

Develop strategies for sharing best practice


Create learning communities within the organisation.

However, these are embedded in learning area teams.

Once again, another week’s driving soundtrack to close (featured on the mp3 player in my car):

…it ain’t over

I’m not done.

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