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January 4, 2014

P1060051Our lunchtime trek through the city yesterday from train station to bell tower (above) yielded perspective on the grandscale work-in-progress that is the Elizabeth Quay project.

Currently it looks like this:

P1060048Transformational possibilities abound…

This continous sceneshifting state of play is mapped not by one major urban development, but by cranecrowns thorning the entire city skyline from foreshore to Northbridge and beyond:




P1050276Struck me throughout yesterday’s lunchdate that similar potentiality exists in our practice as educators within an evolving ecosystem.

So, to shift gear into reflective mode.

Here, you pay what your heart feels…


Annalakshmi overlooks the Swan River and entry is guarded by these stone statues:


Volunteer staff prepare the twice-daily vegetarian smorgasbord.


We watched the ferry arrival/departure cycle;

swelling crowds




P1060058I began this example of an artist’s date with a metaphor based on wayfare – albeit through a city’s centre.

Here, I circumambulated

  • change
  • praxis
  • adaptive shifting cycles
  • patterns of continuous evolution
  • steering the way towards an appreciation of inherently complex systemness.

Remind anyone else of learning? Pictures serve as markers on this trip.

According to visioneers

The question then becomes: how do system leaders hoping to develop an innovation ecosystem get from where they are now to where they want to be? What are the conditions they need to create for an ecosystem like this to grow and flourish? (Hannon, 2012, p. 7).

Since I draw nourishment from what I catalogue, the closing image belongs to found-inspiration.

Want a beach-scene in the city? Seems like anything is possible.

Beach scene in the city

In keen anticipation of the possibilities inherent in beginnings/ this new year: Let’s raise high the roof beams!

Selected references

Cameron, J. (1999). The artist’s date book. New York: Penguin Putnam.

Hannon, V. (2012). Innovating a new future for learning: Finding our path. Retrieved January 4, 2014 from Australian Council for Educational Research website:

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