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closure’s tail

December 7, 2013
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9 days remain until the end of our 2013 school year, and this deadline conveys a mix of pressure (so much left to do) alluringly foil gift-wrapped (time for reading novels I will probably never teach, relaxing with family, long absence of wristwatch/ timetables/ inflexible schedules/ meetings/ marking…).
Time to replenish.

Closure’s tail also contains new beginnings:
  • Staffing changes
  • Gift purchases & farewell speeches
  • Curriculum upheaval
  • Artfully cultivated reflective conversations
  • Course revisions
  • Transition tasters ->students’ feedback and shared insights
  • Lacunae of shared jokes & laughter
  • Notions of different ways of operating surface organically in discussions, then pop like oxygenated breakthroughs
  • Emergence of possible paths ahead (collapsed timetables; coaching across the campus to build class management & instructional skills; scoped sequencing of K-10 milestones…)
  • Facebook invitations to join surprise interstate clan gatherings
  • Perth International Arts Festival and the accompanying summer film season loom large.
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Here we all are occupying a seat on that spinning ferris wheel once more – who’s to say which side is up and which goes down? By discarding notions of dichotomies or mere cyclic revisionism, change is rendered dynamic and encompassed within overlapping arcs of continual praxis.
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The goal?
Continual refinement measured against student achievement.
Roads ahead?
Diverse landscapes to traverse and navigate; pack your compass, water bottle, growth mindset.
Final thoughts?
Buckle up, we’re in for a turbulent, exciting ride.
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