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holiday contemplation

October 12, 2013

Art gallery garden I confess to hyping the grass and darkening rooftop garden shadows outside the WA Art Gallery, but even untouched photos I collected this week during my holiday contemplation yield surreal impressions reminiscent of Ray Bradbury short stories… “All Summer in a Day“, for instance. P1050688 This bizarre trio from a lunchtime jaunt crossing Aberdeen Street via back alleys to avoid traffic congestion and roadworks:



See what I mean?

Here’s sandpaper-counterpoint; a trailer from the film we watched at Cinema Paradiso:

Ridiculous to sublime then onwards into lacunae:

  • met with a colleague to review our 2013 department plans
  • finished reading The Giver because Madelyn said it grabs year 8s
  • lunched with daughter 2 in our Mt Hawthorn park where we were forced to trade lunches since mine sported shreds of ham
  • caught up with Tim; shared stories and (his) photos, including baby snaps, a sidewalk paparazzi shot of Patti Smith, along with marquee close-encounters with Prince Charles and the Queen
  • taken to afternoon tea with first daughter behind St George’s Terrace



Reflection in a store window.

By this stage, I’m inhabiting The Magus. In real time, daughter’s eye-rolling degenerated to hands-on-hips from way up ahead (she had waited for me back at the traffic lights), and the sense of real-life colluding with sofa-side reading had me galvanised.

So I made a poster from my reading-find with Recite:

Leadership is not trait theory

The sense which follows (and didn’t fit) is:

Leadership is not trait theory – leadership and leader are not the same thing. Leadership is about collaborative learning that leads to purposeful change.  This learning has direction towards higher aspirations and shared purposes. Organisational redesign, as suggested above, is required to develop contexts in which such leadership and learning happen naturally.  Such design change within school can facilitate professional engagement.

Everyone has both the potential and the entitlement to contribute towards leadership…

Schools are not currently structured in ways that facilitate either the growth of leadership or lateral directions of leadership travel.  Predominantly, leadership is locked into management structures. If we are to achieve distributive leadership models, we must therefore re-design the internal social architecture of schools. Such re-design should normalise collaborative learning in which leadership can be widely available and unrelated to role status.


Selected reference

Hopkins, D. & Jackson, D. (nd). Networked learning communities – capacity building, networking and leadership for learning. Retrieved October 12, 2013 from

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