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gentle nudge #SAVMP

October 5, 2013


Saturdays are washing/ shopping days in your household, and the view above is a cautious weather-checking venture from the back verandah this morning. Yes, it’s all dry, no you didn’t risk the elements; it has been raining on and off, now on again throughout the (writing) day.

So, to reflection:

  • there will be plenty of plums around December/ January
  • rocket is already seeding (you could be eating more)
  • dwarf almond is thriving now you’ve cropped the rosemary hedge
  • grapes are reaching north, towards the sun.

think write

CC Image Source:

Systems thinking -> sense of interdependence heightened and heady. Feels like learning, really.

Evaluating your writing progress is more problematic:

  • 3777 words of your final essay for 2013 accounted for, so exceeding the maximum word limit, yet pruned from this morning’s bushy state of 4000+
  • verbosity is like a weedy or overgrown garden demanding time and a critical eye
  • scouring references is your least-liked operation, and
  • you left it till last.

Finally, to learning-as-process:


CC Image Source:

This image reflects the nature of your internal journey wrangling with Leading the Aligned School.

All things weaving towards awareness of

Complex dynamics that shift even while you adjust bearings. Transmutational. Change as constant. Disorientating, perhaps. Exciting, too.

managing change

Along this promenade you wander to locate a Sunday-searching husband in the philosophy collection at Reid Library. Crowther’s pronouncement you envisage amplifying a wavelength. Organic.

Warming the furnace at the epicentre of your ruminations lies a revelatory core belief: Learning is an unrelenting collaborative practice (Fullan, 2009).

Cue the pace-setting role model:

Selected references

ACEL. (2011). Index of school alignment. USQ Australia: University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved October 5, 2013 from

Crowther, F. (2010). Parallel leadership: The key to successful school capacity-buildingLeading and Managing, 16(1), 16 – 39.

Fullan, M. (2009). Large-scale reform comes of age.  Journal of Educational Change, 10(2), 101-113.


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