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vision for school #savmp

August 11, 2013

2013-01-31 16.06.57

Keep feet grounded – the inner voice advises – it’s best to start with what you know and where you are at…

This is where I work/ learn, and it’s my launch-pad for visioneering school.

Homework for week 2 of #SAVMP came inboxing the day I’d finished a draft of my first assignment for Leading the Aligned School – this semester’s uni endeavour.

Thought there might be some overlap… Why does the academic approach dislocate?

Style of language? Audience? Topic for another post. Channel your innovator; fan those first tentative sparks. Dismiss nothing, yet.

Philosophy of education 101:

  • It’s all about co-constructed learning;
  • when in doubt, re-focus on the learning;
  • interplay of creation processes is crucial, so forge bridges between learning and teaching with formative assessment;
  • Thus, it follows, knowing our students is essential to evolve school in a dynamic of continual learning.

2013-06-21 15.58.47

There’s school, and then there’s vision

what nourishes the good wolf?

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go ~ T.S. Eliot.

Might seem like a homily-overblown-motherhood-apple-pie statement; according to our lecturer, Dr Robyn White, if that’s the case, we’re on the right track towards galvanising others through vision.

What would that envisioned school look like?

  • flexible
  • listening – sharing – collaborative
  • hubbub/ hub
  • authentic

Suggested reading

An elegant infographic form of these words-on-screen is here courtesy of Mia MacMeekin.

I like the notion that school/ learning is a practice in perpetual beta shared by David Truss here.

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