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aligning with vision

July 27, 2013

Teaching is about opening new possibilities; opening new ways of being – Benjamin Zander.

This video captures how learning occurs when “errors are detected and corrected, or when a match between intentions and consequences is produced for the first time” (Argyris, 1995, p20).

Beautiful state of play, no?

Continuing this tune, my Saturday of formal learning at uni today – as distinct from the moment-to-moment of our school context – was spent harmonising with other West Australian school leaders as we evaluated processes to align with vision.

We considered:


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Alignment (tunefulness) in schools occurs when each of the key, or contributory elements (sounds) of the school is developed comprehensively, when these elements are philosophically congruous (in harmony) and when they are implemented so as to be mutually re-inforcing in the school’s (orchestral) practices – Peter Drucker.

Seems to me there are tensions and complexities within this dynamic that are best learned in praxis:  Pay close attention to the gap between knowledge and implementation; practice dancing with the system (Meadows, 2004).

Key takeaway from today’s workshop:

The most important feature of effective leadership is setting and communicating the vision.

Selected references

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