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Leading the aligned school

July 20, 2013
Resources for incorporating theory into practice; Master of School Leadership unit undertaken throughout Semester 2 2013 at UWA. First class- alignment context and frames – next Saturday.
Attempt to embed Storify not altogether successful.
 persisted despite irritation.

  1. Learning from research:
  2. 7 Strong Claims About Successful School Leadership: via
  3. The Principal & the School: What Do Principals Do? Lunenberg (2010);
  4. McKinsey 7 S framework
  5. Direction and influence:
  6. Touchstone text:
  7. Further reading referenced:
  8. Crowther’s model of capacity building:
Initial reactions?
  • familiarity with some theories
  • excitement at reading
  • broad overview of landscape we will be mapping.
  • beware adjectival leadership
  • knowledge best applied to local context, and learned with others.
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  1. July 20, 2013 8:35 pm

    Wow, Sam – so much bedtime reading here 😉

    This little lot will get me to the the end of Summer here 😉 TY!


    • July 21, 2013 5:48 am

      Glad it’s useful, Tony. Keep me posted on your thoughts; at the moment, I’m most attracted to the Learning from Leadership article (evaluates different perspectives, affords scope, identifies commonalities), and Senge’s systems thinking resonates due to focus on complexity. No silver bullets here!
      Love that Goleman and Block are included on the reading list. Wondered why Wheatley is missing.
      For us in WA, school is back tomorrow and I’m happy to see the adventuring continue.

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