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a good life

July 13, 2013


You believe what makes for a good life (as distinct from one that is happier) comes to this:

  • browsing bookstores with time to be here now, and read



  • high new pillows on your bed
  • daydreaming whatmightbe in your garden




  • roasting winter vegetables
  • tea with Wes in Hyde Park – admiring the arc of London plane trees, and cloudspotting


  • viewing films from Planet with not-a-thought of teaching this text – just for pleasure…. until you realise that three of the batch are better than your first semester choices
  • washing that linedries despite a forecast of rain
  • looking to see and wonder over details


  • afternoon indoor-conversations
  • finishing Brooklyn and beginning Winter Journal as if one novel continued from the other; wondering as you made the transition “what if you made use of second person narrative in a blog post?”
  • rambling through the bush


  • watching as Ramsay, the brickie, effortlessly destroys, then re-fashions your front yard; formal beds promise grand planting schemes.


Knowledge of who you are, the wish to be
None other; freedom to forget the time (Weiner, 2006, p.21).
That’s it, you realise, reading Joshua’s poem written in the form of an address, reminder, or lesson for himself.
A reminder?
To miss nothing.
Selected reference
Weiner, J. (2006). From the book of giants. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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