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unfurling narratives

June 29, 2013

Both daughters leave for Melbourne tomorrow, and their preparation involves dusting suitcases kept in our shed. Today, Daughter 2 auditions at Climbing Vine while Daughter 1 works the waitress gig between semesters at Sherbet Cafe and Bakehouse, celebrates recently-learned exam successes, plans Bali escapades, and tells us future possibles.

Our house is a heartbeat for unfurling narratives.

Prompts me to consider parallels at school.


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Context cues:

  • Semester 1 reporting finalised; curriculum outlines are re-visioned based on feedback
  • Selection interviews for senior school continue with Year 10 students and parents; according to the Schools Standard and Curriculum Authority only 30% of students across the state opt into academic pathways
  • Country Week during the last week of term 2 with limited rain on the horizon (good for football)
  • Finalised oral presentations with Year 12s attending Country Week; failed to complete marking for them yesterday, though (Edmodo to the rescue)
  • Completed written in-class responses to suspense texts with 2B class (“Listen to the End” by Tony Hunter and “Phone Call” by Berton Roueche); comparison framework here
  • Year 10 orals were successful in our library’s seminar room with small groups using palm cards and booklets to outline their career plans; this project was based on pamphlet production/ research we’ve been undertaking to crystal ball gaze into the future.


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I’m no longer afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my own ship – Louisa May Alcott.

Home and school appear similar, then. Narratives continue unfurling: I have heard Sabrina’s plans of becoming an astronomer; Georgina wants to join the mounted police; Cody claims he will become a plumber; and Jared already works the electronic decks as a DJ.

Designing possibilities while adjusting to realities/ school and classroom circumstance.

2013-06-21 15.37.07


  1. Physical building continues; new learning spaces expand – this is exciting
  2. Curtin Conference much anticipated next Wednesday
  3. Loving texts, conversations, relationships, sense of headway and scoped-directions with students and staff in our community.


  1. Time whines like a hurtling shuttle – why does the year-week-month-day-to-day blur?

Interesting/ new idea (ways forward)

  1. Personal learning and thinking skills strategies to embed next year
  2. Design cross-curricular projects to ensure skills and understanding transfer
  3. How to devise an acceptable use and bring your own device policy?

This last conversation is one I’ll persist with as a means of carrying out action research.

Meantime, I feel like Quoyle who watches his daughter run on ahead and perceives

… every day was widening water between her outward-bound boat and the shore that was her father (Proulx, 1993, p. 42).


Learners Non Learners

Selected reference

Proulx, E.A. (1993). The shipping news. London: Fourth Estate.

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