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recipe for data reflection

April 26, 2013


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Context/ ingredients:

  • One train trip to Fremantle today
  • 27 degree autumn sunshine
  • roast vegetable picnic augmented by ciabatta roll fresh from Abhi’s for lunch on the wharf
  • Nearly finished proofreading my second assignment for uni due next week (so, feeling relaxed)
  • Read Motion Leadership in Action right through to the back flap before returning to our home station around 2 pm

Much to be grateful for.


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Here’s what Fullan has to say about data:

The most important thing for motion leaders to know about data is that you need to position the use of data primarily as a strategy for improvement and let public accountability be a derivative. This indirect approach requires discipline. Many systems have tried to use data as a direct force for accountability only to see it backfire. This, what I call the “wrong driver”, can never work on any scale because people are not motivated by external accountability.  Instead you need to use data as central to improvement of practice and position accountability accordingly…..

…even if the larger system has a punitive approach to accountability, motion leaders realize that while they may be stuck with the policy, they are not stuck with the mind-set. They can literally redefine the meaning of how data are primarily used. Regardless of what the center does, you can use data constructively for school improvement at the local level.

As a motion leader you must come to the table with solid data (Fullan, 2013, p. 78-9).

More skinny on making change happen from Fullan’s 2012 Australian tour.

Selected reference

Fullan, M. (2013). Motion leadership in action: More skinny on becoming change savvy. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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