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February 3, 2013

Bullsbrook DHS

A new school year at a new school with summer still scorching, and a smell like newly unwrapped stationery lingered in our officespace at work for the three days we undertook induction/planned English and Society and Environment courses last week.

Here at home, the laptop radiates vapour trails: I haven’t switched it off all weekend.

Course outlines are written and reviewed, now decorated with icons, tips, goal setting and growth mindset exhortations.

At school as I set up my new classroom (orange Sebel chairs, fluoro stools in the corner, a startling void where the Smartboard is meant to hang), unravelled my Holstee manifesto poster, and admired the wisdom of

With great power comes great responsibility

courtesy of Spiderman, it occurred to me I was setting the stage for learning.

Swimming laps this morning evoked the realisation that maintaining fitness and meditation practices is also setting a stage for learning; mine.

Even washing the car in the temperature dip of this afternoon with mosquitoes hovering in the shadows beneath our red pepper trees, then while loading the boot with magnets, pristine journals, favoured reference texts to begin a library-of-sorts on my workdesk tomorrow, filling a subscription form for the History Teachers’ Association of WA – all the aforementioned shapes a frame of reference for learning.

All I need do is take the next step.

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