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hello #etmooc

January 15, 2013


Hello #etmooc on PhotoPeach,

  1. Orientation Activity

I have tried to embed.

Copied the code twice.

Then we had dinner.

Maybe it will work tomorrow.


Flatlines like this: Hello #etmooc on PhotoPeach.


But I like this photo from morgueFile which makes me feel that overcoming adversity is possible:


CC Image Source:

So Plan B is this link.

And here’s a collective-noun list to capture the Blackboard Collaborate session Alec Couros orchestrated this morning:

buzz, cacophony, cavalcade, chiaroscuro, howl, peal, radiance, revelation … 

none of which scale. Cannot conceive of how I would feel if my classroom was on continuous boil like this. Impressed – maestro looked very calm, there!

If the urge to participate has bitten, you might want to follow the #etmooc Google + community.

Or begin navigating via this hub.

Chart the calendar of events.

Dive into resources in the #etmooc Twitter stream.

#etmooc logo courtesy of Adam Lark – access on Flickr.

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