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into the new year

December 30, 2012

In Perth we’ve had a run of more than 5 days over 35 degrees with today’s temperature cresting beyond 40, plus more of the same into-the-new-year until Thursday according to the forecast (then possible showers). By recalling other summers, I know this is a temporary circumstance, but can’t help noticing heat stress in our garden.

summer garden

santa rosa plumsHere are the last of the plums I picked this morning at 5.30 to beat the sun; before parrot squads could make their final grab.

Mangoes are from the markets.

Christmas card is from Sandie.

Cow bell calls us to meal times (Pavlovian response).

Lately, our evening meal has been a salad. Fruit for dessert. Watermelon season has started. Grapes are on the vine.

So much to be grateful for in summer.

Our 19 year old says it’s sooo hot. Asks, is it always this hot in summer? Runs her fan constantly while tackling progressive levels of  The Walking Dead. I however am repeatedly mauled by the zombie cop in episode 1.

What’s wrong with you? laughs daughter.

Heat exhaustion?

winter creekThis is the dried-out winter creek running through the bottom of our no-through street. Bit of a misnomer, really.

Sometimes we get duck families foraging up through verges; maximum load limitthey follow the path.

Frogs sing at night.

Cicadas chorus.

Cyclists, dog owners, skateboarders are part of the ambience.

It’s not all charming; mosquitoes breed.

Come the new year, it will be our 17th year in this house, this street and suburb. Longer in the city, but with a 6 year detour to Albany where our daughters were born and I learned to love teaching as a craft.

Rather than a retrospective, my observations in this post are more concerned with the everydayness of daily events, life passage and change.

Here it is! Same but different. Ordinary yet noteworthy. And here we are in the midst of  summer savouring harvests, perceiving progress, taking stock.

And what of 2013?

The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.

Lucy Parsons.

crystal ball

CC Image source: (more bubbles here)

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