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Change: Making it Happen in Your School & System

November 17, 2012
  1. Michael Fullan on What Doesn’t Work in School Reform
    Fri, Nov 16 2012 16:13:17
  2. Video context shared by @LouCimetta on Twitter during #ceowamf (November 12). This was the last of 5 days Michael Fullan spent touring Australia in November; our School Leaders’ Master Class in Perth yesterday was introduced by WA Shadow Education Minister Paul Papalia, MLA, who called himself a “Canadian groupie”.
  3. Fullan’s “The Moral Imperative Realised” PDF notes from
  4. Source texts:
  5. sboswellhyde
    Identifying the change focus for your school: What? who? steps? How to measure? @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz motion leadership

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:09:07
  6. oglemoore
    #ceowamf Plans are not for the planners but for the implementers. Love that thought

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:09:21
  7. Martin__Roberts
    #ceowamf with any implementation plan you must be agile and adjust as required

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:09:42
  8. CathDigLearn
    What works: focus, capacity building, consistency of practice, learning from each other, Leadership that obsesses with items listed #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:11:12
  9. CathDigLearn
    Choosing the wrong drivers for system reform #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:14:50
  10. CathDigLearn
    Wrong drivers: accountability, individual teacher and leadership quality, technology, fragment strategies #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:15:56
  11. CathDigLearn
    Right drivers: capacity building, collaborative work, instruction, systemness #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:16:34
  12. Stipling
    Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform – – #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:19:10
  13. Stipling
    Capacity building should focus on two things… Pedagogy and Change Knowledge. #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:21:15
  14. sboswellhyde
    “Size & prettiness of plan is inversely related to the quality of the action” @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:13:13
  15. CathDigLearn
    Professional learning is not a driver, it is an enabler, otherwise it is a great way to avoid change #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:26:33
  16. Georgie_Wynne
    #ceowamf yes I love the idea of a champion team vs a team of champions

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:26:51
  17. SiobhanGalos
    #ceowamf Fullan believes AITSL standards are good but they are enablers not drivers

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:27:01
  18. sboswellhyde
    Recommended focusing on 3 Big Goals to ensure clarity & success in edu change @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz; plan for implementers!

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:15:07
  19. Stipling
    Culture drives change! #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:27:17
  20. oglemoore
    #ceowamf Put #pedagogy in the drivers seat and harness the power of technology.

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:29:59
  21. CathDigLearn
    A tool is only as good as the mindset using it #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:30:05
  22. mandyconnor
    Let’s put pedagogy in the driver’s seat and harness the power of technology #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:31:19
  23. CathDigLearn
    Peter Cole – Professional Development: 40 actions leaders can take to improve PD #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:32:21
  24. sboswellhyde
    Breathe life into living documents for edu change: sticky, inspiring & memorable for Implementers – make it lively! @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:17:45
  25. CathDigLearn
    How the most improved school systems keep getting better #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:34:47
  26. sboswellhyde
    Motion leaders exploit policy (don’t have to use punitive accountability); maximise the right drivers @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:46:25
  27. Stipling
    Exploit Policy – We are stuck with federal and state policy but we can use them as levers to support your direction! #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:38:23
  28. sboswellhyde
    Hope is NOT a strategy; never blame the Ss; it’s always about the Learning – Motion Leadership edu change with @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:20:41
  29. Georgie_Wynne
    #ceowamf so those with a high moral imperative need to be careful of being judgemental – hmm there’s something I hadn’t thought of before!

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:51:36
  30. Tobruk5
    Michael Fullan
    You should be in as much of a hurry as you can get away with.
    Regarding school improvement.

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:53:51
  31. sboswellhyde
    Takes longer to use the wrong drivers: accountability, indiv. Quality; Tech; fragment strategies. Use alternatives @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:22:27
  32. oglemoore
    #ceowamf Exploit Policy – Use the National Quality Standards policy as a lever to support better outcomes for children!

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 18:54:02
  33. Stipling
    “Collaborate with your competitors across the whole system for the great good that transcends us all.” – Michael Fullan – #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 19:41:58
  34. CathDigLearn
    Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 19:43:02
  35. sboswellhyde
    Avoid blame- it’s not a good strategy to build capacity @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz; internal accountability builds transparency & improvements

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:28:46
  36. CathDigLearn
    The Strategic Management of Human Capital in Education #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 19:54:55
  37. sboswellhyde
    “Learning is the work” is a driver, not a personnel decision; high social capital produces human capital @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:32:36
  38. CathDigLearn
    Carrie Leana on social capital #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 19:57:30
  39. David_A_Wood
    #ceowamf Professional Capital has its basis in culture.

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:06:25
  40. CathDigLearn
    What does teaching like a pro mean to you? #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:11:21
  41. Stipling
    Teaching like a pro means being part of the wider teaching profession and contributing to its development. – Michael Fullan – #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:20:45
  42. CathDigLearn
    Teaching like a pro means continuously inquiring into and improving one’s own teaching #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:24:06
  43. CathDigLearn
    …means planning teaching improving teaching & doing teaching not as isolated individual but as part of high performing team #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:27:24
  44. sboswellhyde
    Teaching as a pro means continuous inquiry – enthusiastic amateurs are not enough @michaelfullan1 Motion Leadership

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 20:11:47
  45. LouCimetta
    Great conversations – a teaching degree is simply a license for career long learning #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:19:47
  46. PeterHayes1965
    #ceowamf I’m thinking that a good leader is a good nudger!!!!!

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:43:58
  47. Stipling
    The right professional culture creates pull… Everyone wants to be a part of it. #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:45:46
  48. CathDigLearn
    Motivational work: meaningful accomplishable work, enables development, sense of camraderie and being well led #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:52:32
  49. sboswellhyde
    “Coherence is about mindsets rather than focusing on aligning structures” @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz; enable consistency!

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 18:39:51
  50. CathDigLearn
    Resistance mindset: participate, give people respect before they have earned it, effective leaders have impressive empathy #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 20:54:00
  51. CathDigLearn
    Its time that gadget goes to school and schools go to gadget – it is teachers with technology who will make the difference #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 21:51:54
  52. Stipling
    “You might as well move toward the danger if the danger is moving toward you.” – Michael Fullan – #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 21:52:44
  53. LouCimetta
    Tablet technology is a major disruptive innovation for education – changing the way we work & learn #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 21:55:06
  54. mattf2410
    #ceowamf @mattf2410 student disengagement increases with age up to about Year 9! How can the use of technology improve this?

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 21:55:51
  55. SiobhanGalos
    #ceowamf Interesting point – technology not replacing tcher but new pedagogy=teachers as change agents. Tcher/student lrning partnership

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 21:58:34
  56. CathDigLearn
    Discussing what it means for teachers to be agents of change and for students to be partners in learning #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:01:25
  57. CathDigLearn
    its time to define the learning game as racing with technology #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:04:40
  58. CathDigLearn
    Stratosphere: whole system reform – make it all about the learning, let technology permeate, engage the whole system #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:09:31
  59. LouCimetta
    Tolisano – Technology: from tool set to skill set to mindset #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:23:30
  60. CraigPhillis
    Leaders take the fear out of change #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:27:39
  61. CathDigLearn
    The entrepreneurial spirit: design, innovation, risk taking, problem solving, leadership #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:32:57
  62. CathDigLearn
    Premature excitement is fragile – real excitement is when you create excitement about what you are doing, not what you intend to do #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 22:37:07
  63. Adrian_Torrese
    Being a pro teacher means being a pro learner. Ready to question what worked, what didn’t, and why. #ceowamf

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 00:33:23
  64. sboswellhyde
    Beware edu “Deformers” who use the language of right drivers, but don’t walk the talk @michaelfullan1 #MYSAoz Motion Leadership

    Thu, Nov 15 2012 21:56:56
  65. 7Mrsjames
    @MichaelFullan1 so pleased you joined the tweachers tweeple 😉 we learn do much from you! Thanks 🙂

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 02:54:42
  66. LouCimetta
    @michaelfullan1 thanks for an interesting and thought provoking day #ceowamf

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 23:16:54
  67. References during the workshop:
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