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jail break

November 10, 2012

This week’s Techie Brekky session with staff drew on an ongoing passion for Photopeach – a free online tool that facilitates sharing slideshows; discussions generate an invaluable flow-on benefit, especially since it’s inclusive of those who are absent – parents, for example. Here’s an inquiry walk I undertook at two metropolitan secondary schools which offers potential for initiating  conversations about IT integration and school culture.

From this screenshot, you can see that we have a Gifted & Talented community profile on Photopeach, and it’s one that has been set to private in order to secure comment safety.  Andrea wrote:

Thanks Sam,

It was great to see this.

Her son participated in our recent Imagineering review process and offered staff advice on his future education.

In response to another slideshare showcasing a Year 8 investigation of Fremantle Jail, Oliver’s dad commented:

Thanks! Enjoyed very much! Used to be an AC/DC fan in younger years…..

Why the fascination with Aussie rock icons?

Not only was Bon Scott a Freo legend, but “Jail Break” was something of a theme tune for our excursion as we applied iPads to the recording and curatorial process of this excursion:

Once inside the perimeter, it’s understandable why inmates schemed any viable means of escape.

As to our students, I staged a scenario where they were left inside the gates:

Some of them look sad.

Mere fiction, of course. But there was paparazzi payback. And the relationship building evident in these artefacts reveals that as a community, our growing knowledge of each other

may well be the pathway that leaders need to follow in order to build relationships that encourage leadership (Slater, 2008, p.62).

So it was with staff this week that our collective vision drew on students’ articulated hopes for their future:

Our willingness to achieve workplace accountability and improvements in student learning can be seen as potentially transformational; moreover,

What distinguishes organisational learning from individual learning is an additional step of collective knowledge creation (Stoll et al., 2006, p. 235).

Final message:

Jailbreaking frees us from past traditions, patterns of thinking that entrap, and outmoded ways of being; liberation offers us all freedom to escape Blake’s “mind-forg’d manacles” – those missed opportunities to do things differently and better.

What are you waiting for? The gates are open.

Selected references

Slater, L. (2008). Pathways to building leadership capacity. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 36(1), 55–69.

Stoll, L., Bolam, R., McMahon, A., Wallace, M., & Thomas, S. (2006). Professional learning communities: A review of literature. Journal of Educational Change, 7(4), 221–258. Retrieved November 1, 2012 from Springerlink.

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