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Curriculum Innovation

September 8, 2012
  1. Dear reader,

    Lament as opening bid.

    This blog post was an experiment in embedding Storify to see what would result. The mangled seam below gives me little hope of improvement. Failed links and files resisting stability. Reloading when attempting to edit.

    Even the numbered format option refuse to delete. Ah, WordPress.

    Rather than destroy a body of evidence, I recommend selecting Plan B. 

    1. whatedsaidWhat is Innovation? via @zite
    2. WIDiscovery
      This video is awesome. RT @uwmadengr: What is innovation? #UWInvent
    3. LearningShift
      Technology is now being used to produce better innovations than ever before. #tech#VSI
    4. Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation
      a day ago
    5. IXchat
      Full House of Innovation – – Braden Kelley – #innovation #hr #jobs #teams #mgmt#collaboration
      a day ago
    6. RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
      a day ago
    7. RichardCStanton
      Interesting piece on #Leadership “If you’re not making a mistake, it’s a mistake.” -Miles #Innovation
    8. TrishMcNabb
      RT @MindShiftKQED How to fuel the innovation engine in learning. #sd60 #elc60
      a day ago
    9. Charles Leadbeater on innovation [Część 1/2] [PL]
      a day ago
    10. audrey_nay
      MT@isteconnects: How to use 5 minute test to#innovate education #Nswdec#ozteachers
    11. Disruptive innovation — in education – MIT News Office

      Apr 20, 2012 … For Anant Agarwal, MITx, the Institute’s new online-learning initiative, isn’t just a means of democratizing e…
    12. International Journal of Innovation in Education (IJIIE) – Inderscience …

      IJIIE subscribes to a broad understanding of innovation in education in order to provide an international platform for academics and pr…
    13. kbonanno
      Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Classroom 2.0 with 75 Articles from Innovative Educators |
    14. Stuart_Wood
      Great. Simple. Advice RT @lindegaard: The Best Way to Build #Innovation Skills – everyone can train their inno skills
    15. Craig_Hammer
      RT @DavidLeeOrr: Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity
    16. Curriculum Innovation
    17. digitalseven
      How to Fuel the Innovation Engine in Learning | MindShift
      2 hours ago
    18. Innovation 101 – OnInnovation

      Learn how Innovation 101 can augment curriculum in 21st Century Skills, Social Studies, STEM, English and CTE (Career and Technical Edu…
    19. NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre

      Leading quality learning, curriculum delivery and educational innovation. The NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre is key to t…
    20. Resourcing for Curriculum Innovation – June Wall, Sandra Ryan …

      Resourcing for student learning since the advent of the digital age has become more complex and more challenging for school libraries, …
    21. Curriculum and Teaching Innovation – transforming classroom practice and personalisation
    22. Education Leadership: Will Richardson at TEDxMelbourne
      7 days ago
    23. 5 crucial shifts occurring in education that necessitate innovation.Richardson argues that schools need to make decisions regarding the ubiquitous nature of teachers, knowledge and materials.
      PAGE 2
    1. #openinnovation The innovation ecosystem – infographic – Every business knows how important it is to capture and dev…
    2. sboswellhyde
      RT @kerencaple#acer12 @Innovation_Unit‘s ideas for transforming learning and case studies of this in action http: …
    …Or follow the link because Storify is proving difficult to embed on
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