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How to Build Your Creative Confidence

September 2, 2012

I love the shared tale at the start of this TED talk. Kelley relates an anecdote that I’m sure we can all relate to; the dis-enabling moment. One of my school-tales that never fails to horrify students is about Art in the 1970s when a primary teacher smeared my face with glue because she thought I’d brush-flicked a peer during her class. She was mistaken. I’ve never taken to Art since, other than as a consumer.

Which is probably why artistic gifts always intrigue me in the learning spaces I share with others; I wonder who they met to enable their passion. Many come from backgrounds valuing drawing, ceramics, painting, music, design or singing. Flourishing creatives. Others just persist with practice.

The photo above showcases a Home Sweet Home workshop which our year 8 Gifted & Talented students undertook in first semester. Check out the model-scaled houses, businesses, streetscapes, bird’s eye view, and timelapse of process plus clean-up in the video link.

An excursion highlight of  the year.

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