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the power of words

August 7, 2012

I love this video, and I’m glad another blogger added a thumbs-up-signal before I had the chance to weave my post (ironically, words) with the video content. I’d like to know whether she responded to the same human element – part quirkiness, part humour – as me.

Whether it’s the green shoes, the music, or the sting at the end of this narrative’s tail, the overwhelming message resonates for me :

Change your words. Change your world.

Every day, I think, especially in classrooms, we need to be mindful of the words we’re using when speaking to young people. The words we employ while discussing students with parents over the phone, in meeting rooms, or in office foyers. The words we share with colleagues to define student achievement, curriculum, expectations, personalities, attitudes and skills.

With our words, we shape beliefs, ways of being together, an implicit, taken-for-granted sense of how we do things around here.

Words are powerful. 

School culture is interwoven in words.

Which ones will you be choosing?

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