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Rhetoric of change

October 7, 2018


Selected reference

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The 2008 financial debacle

October 2, 2018


Selected reference

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Sense of uncertainty

September 24, 2018


Selected reference

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Evidence of vision

September 3, 2018


Selected reference

Katz, L. (2016). Feeding Greedy Corpses: the rhetorical power of Corpspeak and Zombilingo in higher education, and suggested countermagics to foil the intentions of the living dead. borderlands, 15(1). Retrieved September 1, 2018

Concerning innovation

August 19, 2018


Selected reference

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Globalisation as social imaginary

July 22, 2018


Selected reference

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Overuse of “wellbeing”

July 15, 2018


Selected reference

Simovska, V. (2018). Revisiting the concept of wellbeing in schools. The BERA blog: Research matters. Retrieved 15 July 2018