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Integrating Pedagogy & Technology #EDUC5608

October 4, 2015
The only real downside of completing a formal course of study is that when you leave the nurtured comfort of group discussion and workshops, the next stage requires resolved determination to begin.
How I would love to dwell eternally in the workshop zone where play and a-ha moments fan flames of possibility.
I’ve chosen to include a clip which best captures my overwhelming sense of jumpiness in this moment of contemplation.
Now alone, with only a screen-face to synthesise understanding and shape a product – in this case, an e-learning resource and its complementary written paper, I feel uncertain… pausing may allow anticipation to build but, deadlines aside, term 4 workloads can be substantial.
This screenshot captures the web design process I have started using Weebly:
Screenshot (5)
My initial idea that focus on professional learning would help the design process is faltering with the inner critic asking why?
Arriving/ beginning feel oddly awkward in this context: Here is the point where possibility becomes refined by a series of narrowing, momentous choices.
For starters, I will waylay the inevitable task deadline (November 13) by referring to visual markers produced over the 4 days spent at uni:
  1. Place -> social/collaborative space
    Collaborative platform
  2. The current model of education is out-dated
Jeff Jarvis quote3. Digital literacies are paramount in this rapidly changing dynamic
Howard Rheingold4. Complexity rules
David Crystal
 Yesterday was spent trying to achieve a sense of order with Storify, and the overview of connections can be accessed here:

beyond literacies

September 27, 2015

Beyond literacies

Selected reference

Weigel, M., James, C & Gardner, H. (2009). Learning: Peering backward and looking forward in the digital eraInternational journal of learning and media 1(1), 1-18.

seeking to engage

September 19, 2015

Action research

Selected reference

Stringer, E.T. (2007). Action research (3rd Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Suggested reading

ACER. (2012). The national school improvement tool.  Retrieved September 19. 2015

Present moments

September 12, 2015

present moments

Selected reference

Rowe, D. (1993). Time on our side: Growing in wisdom, not growing oldLondon: HarperCollins.

Evolving practice

September 12, 2015
Leucospermum in a jug

Exhibit A:Youth Out Loud

Here are our two Youth Out Loud finalists celebrating their first and second place wins last week amid other jubilant participants; their rock star pose was coached by @FamousSharron. If the judges commented on what we do “out there” beyond the grapevines, alpaca farms and suburban fringe of metro Perth, we took no slight from this remark.


Given our community of practice, and the value of engagement with others beyond classroom confines, we were as jubilant at our students’ success as their proud parents. Plus, we had feasted on chocolate at San Churro.

On reflection, I can appreciate how learning with others draws buoyancy from inter-related contexts, such as the Growth Coaching workshops I recently attended to focus on performance conversations.

Exhibit B:

Purple Perth station

From Perth train station to exploration of newly completed pedestrian walkways which link  – only one stop away – to Leederville:

Oxford St

The focus of our learning centred on modes of feedback.

IMG_5874From my notes:

  • typical workplace scenarios require honest, courageous feedback
  • practice structures for managing difficult conversations

Debrief – What worked?

  • set a time
  • Build confidence
  • Small goals & small steps

Conscious competence grid (change management model)

Forcing others to change can generate anger – conscious incompetence

At one point, a passing reference to the art of possibility prompted a search for this video:

And we considered the desired 3:1 positive:negative ratio for praise and recognition to yield flourishing people. The key becomes

Focus on what is working rather than what is broken.

We then shared our methods for individualising positive feedback.


As a leader, you are encouraged to seek feedback from colleagues:

3 things that help you do your job well.

3 things that I’m doing that hinder you doing your job.

 What could I do

– More of?

– Less of?

– Differently?

 To be a better leader

– For you?

– For the organisation?

Leucospermum in a jug

Through the process of giving and receiving feedback, learning in schools comes to be

not a selfcontained, closed world in which students acquire knowledge to be applied outside, but a part of a broader learning system. The class is not the primary learning event. It is life itself that is the main learning event. Schools, classrooms, and training sessions still have a role to play in this vision, but they have to be in the service of the learning that happens in the world (Wenger & Trayner, p.5, n.d.).

Selected reference

Wenger, E. & Trayner, B. (n.d.) Communities of practice: A brief introduction. Retrieved September 12, 2015

Small world paradox

September 6, 2015

small world paradox

Selected reference

Perkins, D.N. (2014). Future wise: Educating our children for a changing world. San-Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Achievement vs Relevance

August 30, 2015
sunset water

achievement gap

Selected reference

Perkins, D.N. (2014). Future wise: Educating our children for a changing world. San-Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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